Recording / Mixing Engineer

アンディ・べヴァン Andy Bevan

レコーディング / ミキシング・エンジニア
近年では、小野リサのアルバム「Dancing Bossa」のボーカル録音や三宅純プロデュースによる勝沼容子ソロアルバム「Colomena」のレコーディングに参加。
Andy has engineered, mixed and mastered a large number of CD projects for various artists. He has also worked on other projects recording and editing for certain songs on those albums. His interest and skill in this area came to people’s attention from his work recording his own group ‘Tatopani’. The group recorded its first two CDs themselves. Andy took to recording and mixing very quickly and word soon spread about the natural, clear sound he was creating. This subsequently led to requests from fellow musicians, who were also very conscious of the importance of good sound. Blessed with a good pair of ears and lots of dedication, he has been able to come up with amazing results.
Since 2009 he has been working in collaboration with bassist Daiki Yasukagawa, who started his own record label “D-musica”, featuring the cream of Japan’s young and creative jazz musicians, as well as artists from Europe and the USA. Among his more recent collaborations are, recording the vocal tracks on Lisa Ono’s “Dancing Bossa” and additional recording on Kyoko Katsunuma’s debut solo album “ Colomena”, produced by Jun Miyake.
Although working across a broad range of styles, his specialty is in “acoustic” music. He has an intuitive sense of how to get the most natural and realistic sound from each instrument - and then blend those together into a full and rich-sounding, well-balanced final product.





 基本料金  (税込)
 合計24トラックまで  ¥33,000/1曲あたり
追加24トラック毎に + ¥17,800
ボーカル・チューニング + ¥11,000 / トラック
リズム・チューニング + ¥11,000 / 1曲あたり

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